Oil storage terminal in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong.

Where is oil headed? While prices are cooling slightly, oil has chalked up a high

average price for 2022 so far. But one thing is certain; oil trading and shipping

companies have been busier than they’ve been in a long time.

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How to Read & Interpret the News

Learn to read critically to identify trusted sources

It is difficult to discern truths and reality amidst the noise caused by social media and fake news. Learn simple strategies for better decision making through critical analysis and understanding of the information around us.

How to Read & Interpret the News


Timing the Market vs Time in the Market

The benefits of staying calm and giving the market time.

Dollar cost averaging is a simple and long-term strategy that involves staying invested in the market to reap the benefits from a balance of the best and worst trading days. Since we’re not robots that can monitor the markets 24/7, it is important to understand why time in the market beats timing the market. 

Timing the Market vs Time in the Market

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What's happening to my Ringgit?

Understanding FOREX and how it impacts the value of your dollar.


Timing the Market vs Time in the Market

The benefits of staying calm and giving the market time 


How to read & interpret the news

Learn to read critically to identify trusted sources


How Inflation Impacts Life in Malaysia

How to better prepare yourself against inflation in Malaysia


Get Over the Fear of Investing

You miss 100% of the shots you dont take.

Regular Savings Plan

A simple habit goes a long way.

Turning investments into income

Defending against volatility during uncertain times.

Our Total Portfolio Management series dubbed ‘Steer’ aims to help you understand portfolio management and how it can play a key role in helping you achieve your financial goals.


This is achievable through building a stable core investment portfolio that blends asset classes with different risk levels; and thereafter, taking advantage of short-term market opportunities.  


Part 1: Structure Your Portfolio with Model Portfolios

Investment Portfolios are tailored to the investor’s goals, needs, and risk tolerances, and can provide a form of protection when markets fall. Discover how you can achieve your investment goals with HLB Model Portfolios.


Part 2: Take Advantage of Dynamic Markets with Satellite Diversification

Satellite Diversification may allow you to take advantage of shorter term opportunities to generate returns without excessive risk. Learn how to take a more active approach to investing today.